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From the humble beginnings back in 1986 on Atkinson Street (currently a Supercuts) Owners Richard & Rosann Lewis moved to Beretania Street where their commercial sales in hospitality, resorts, condos, rehabs, schools and military began to take off.  Richard partnered with big names (and big guys) like Gus Ruthwich and Francis Silva promoting Bench and Powerlifting meets in Hawaii. Growing further in employees and sales, the next move was to the Costco neighborhood in Iwilei.


With now 20+ years of exercise equipment sales, the Total Fitness USA reputation for quality equipment and service takes a big turn into even more commercial sales with Department of Defense. It was here that an interesting and crazy workout buzz called CrossFit gives them the urgency to uproot a fourth time and plant in their current and largest location just down the street on Dillingham. It was here that their son Andrew gave up his professional sailing career to take the reigns as CrossFit changed fitness forever!


The Total Fitness USA family grows with friends like CrossFit founder Greg Glassman, USA National Champion Weightlifters Donny Shankle & Jon North, Strongman Rob Orlando, Powerlifters Shane & Laura Phelps Sweatt, Jumper Ryan Moody... As Olympic & Powerlifting, gymnastics & strongman, massage & mobility, MMA & bootcamps… There are so many new and old school forms of strength and conditioning that are now mainstream exercises!


Total Fitness USA is a constantly evolving full service exercise equipment superstore! They are bigger and better than ever.



Total Fitness USA has been

equipping Hawaii's fitness needs for 30 years

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