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American Barbell Steel Plyometric Box

American Barbell Steel Plyometric Box

This American Barbell Plyo Box set provides four stackable boxes ranging from 12 to 30 inches in height. Made from durable square tubular steel construction with fully welded frames, these step-up boxes provide a stable platform to support your body weight. There are no screws on these boxes, so you don’t have to worry about separate pieces coming apart under pressure.  

The boxes feature a non-slip vinyl surface to provide a secure jumping platform.

The stackable design of these boxes makes them ideal for compact storage. The four jump box heights are as follows:

  • 12 inches, 18 inches, 24 inches, 30 inches
  • Set comes with 1 of each of the sizes above

The four sizes provide an ideal progression from beginner to advanced athlete. It is recommended that beginners start with a 12-inch box, advancing at six-inch increments. These stolid steel boxes are more durable than wooden jump boxes, ensuring user safety, even after years of use. The platform of each box is smaller than the base, so that the legs angle inward as they rise. This helps to keep your shins from hitting the metal legs as you jump to the top of the box.

  • Set of four boxes
  • Durable square tubular steel
  • Non-slip vinyl surface
  • Stackable box design

SAFETY WARNING: Do not use this jump box without a spotter.  Use only on Rubber flooring surfaces; any other surfaces can be a slip hazard.
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