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American Barbell XR Urethane Grip Plates

American Barbell XR Urethane Grip Plates

 American Barbell Urethane Olympic Plates feature a cutting-edge plate design to handle the toughest of training environments. The four-hole grips allow for easy loading onto the bar, and they are a lot safer and more comfortable to hold than any other plate design.

Premium German Urethane provides the highest level of strength and durability, and will last a lifetime.  A solid cast iron core provides you with a true weight that you can rely upon. The stainless-steel hub ensures that the plate fits smoothly and snugly on and off the bar.

The American Barbell Urethane Olympic plates are slip-resistant and grip-friendly. They look and feel great, featuring the words ‘American Barbell’ in embossed lettering along with the weight in pounds.

Olympic plates are available in the following weights:

  • 2.5LB

  • 5LB

  • 10LB

  • 25LB

  • 35LB

  • 45LB

The plate widths range from 0.95” on the 2.5lb plate to 1.64” on the 45lb plate. These plates come with a 3-year warranty.

Please note: These are not bumper plates, and are not designed for or warranted against dropping.

  • Four-hole grips for easy hold

  • Slip-resistant and grip-friendly

  • Stainless steel hub

  • 3-year warranty


Plate Diameter & Thickness:

45LB: Diameter: 17.00”; Width: 1.64"

35LB: Diameter: 14.625”; Width: 1.64"

25LB: Diameter: 12.250”; Width: 1.75"

10LB: Diameter: 9.625”; Width: 1.47" 

5LB: Diameter: 7.250”; Width: 1.03"

2.5LB: Diameter: 6.250”; Width: 0.95"

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