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American Barbell Eagle Bike - Display Unit

American Barbell Eagle Bike - Display Unit

"Fatigue makes cowards of us all." - V. Lombardi


The Eagle bike was designed to soar when your training demands it. The frame is constructed from heavy-duty steel, giving you the stability you need to really dig in and grind out those tough intervals. Weighing in at 156 lbs, the Eagle bike is one of the sturdiest in its class, while also being easy to move with built in commercial grade roller-wheels. But it doesn't stop there.

To take the experience to new heights the Eagle Bike is paired with a belt driven fan on a sturdy frame to ensure the smoothest and quietest training sessions possible, in addition to lowering the levels of maintenance needed.

We also know the importance of rest intervals too, instead of a foot peg, our bike offers a ergonomically superior “flat-rest” pedals allowing for a stable surface so you can get your wind back. 

The American Barbell Eagle bike has been tested by NFL players and fitness athletes and is the perfect addition to any commercial or home gym.

Imagine how much confidence you would have if you knew that you could outlast your competition, that's what conditioning is all about, no more worrying about having anything left in the tank.


  • Sturdiness- heavy duty steel frame for increased stability
  • Smoothness- belt driven and ultra-quiet, suitable for any setting inside the gym or home.
  • Suitable for any athlete or training level- the resistance adapts to user output and can be distributed between legs and arms with more push/pull emphasis on one or the other.
  • Saddle comfort- designed to be comfortable and supportive for longer durations, while not impeding motion during all out work intervals.
  • Foot Rests, NOT Foot Pegs- we provide full size foot rests to for increased stability and ergonomic efficiency during recovery.


Additional Specs:

  • Heat-treated pedals and crank shafts
  • Oilite Bushings used in pivots for smooth, quiet movement
  • Color/Finish: Black/Gray/Silver (mixed)
  • Height: 58.41 (top of handles to floor)
  • Length: 59” (seat extended furthest point to the rear)
  • Weight: 156 LBS; 330LB weight limit
  • Footprint: 35” x 29.61”
  • Handle diameter: 1.5” diameter Handles with Rubber Grip
  • Quick-action handle for easy saddle adjustment
  • Hardware & tools Included
  • Warranty: 2 year excl. labor
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