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AOK MaxBall

AOK MaxBall

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Sizes: 55cm & 65cm
  • Resistance To Deformation: Very High
  • Static Load: 5000kg
  • Dynamic Load: 750kg

Colors may vary. Typically available in: Black or Gold If you have a preference please note it in the order comments and we will do our best to accomodate you.

We inflate theses to 80% to sit and top off when purchased as recommended by the manufacturer. If you would like yours to come deflated, please note it on your order.

We recommend inflation with an aircompressor to reach the correct inflation size.

MaxBall has been tested to ensure product consistency and performance. They supported static loads in excess of 5,000 kilograms. This does not mean puncture proof but helps protect you from explosive deflation. Also cyclic tested the balls for durability by loading/unloading 750kg over 500 times in 2 hours.

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Also known as duraball, fitball, therapy ball, gymball, togu ball, exercise ball and swiss ball.