PRIME HLP Plate Loaded Rack (Rack Only)

PRIME HLP Plate Loaded Rack (Rack Only)

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Similar to its HLP Selectorized Rack counterpart, the Prodigy HLP (High/Low Pulley) Plate Loaded Rack can also be utilized as a standard half rack and a multi-functional cable machine – featuring dual adjustable pulleys and dual upper fixed pulleys.  All of this, coupled with the wide assortment of Prodigy Rack attachment options creates an extraordinary amount of versatility and exercise possibilities. What makes the HLP Plate Loaded Rack unique is its weight peg carriage system, allowing the user to dictate the weight load by loading weight plates onto the weight pegs.  Another feature unique to the HLP Plate Loaded Rack is PRIME’s cable ratio technology.  With the HLP Plate Loaded Rack, the simple adjustment of a pin allows the user to change the cable ratio from 2:1 to 4:1.  Combined with over 15 feet of cable, this adjustability opens up an assortment of exercises and explosive movement options, without the dangers of ‘lag’ in the cable.  So, whether you’re looking to accomplish straight up strength work, or intricate speed-oriented exercise, this technology is a must-have!

+Easily adjustable from 2:1 to 4:1 cable ratio
+Features two high/low adjustable pulleys and two stationary high pulleys
+Cost effective and user-friendly plate-loaded system
+Nearly infinite exercise possibilities in one rack
+Commercial-grade 3”x3” tube construct of 11-gauge steel
+Ample convenient storage options
+Wide assortment of Rack Attachment options (sold separately)


62L x 75W x 92H in.
157L x 190W x 234H cm.


530lbs. / 240kgs.

Rack comes with spotter arms and standard J-hook set. No other accessories are included in this listing. Please see our selection of RO-T8 handles, Prodigy attachments, and other Prime equipment here to purchase additional add ons. 

Stock photo shows the following OPTIONAL equipment:
-Lat Pull down seat attachment
-Low row foot plate attachment
-RO-T8 long bar
-RO-T8 handle pair
-10 pack weight storage pegs
-RO-T8 3-n-1 14" handle