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PRIME Plate Loaded Leg Extension Leg Curl

PRIME Plate Loaded Leg Extension Leg Curl

The Plate Loaded Leg Ext/Leg Curl Combo offers a smooth & easy transition from a Leg Extension machine to a Prone/Lying Leg Curl machine – with the pull of a lever.  Like all PRIME equipment, this machine offers Smart Strength Technology, giving the user the ability to manipulate the resistance profile to overload different areas within the exercise movement.


  • 8 Back/Chest Pad Adjustments
  • 3 Shin/Calf Pad Adjustments
  • Variety of Starting Range Adjustments
  • Fixed Handles for Leg Extension
  • Fixed Handles for Leg Curl


LEG EXT: 58L x 49W x 49H in.  |  148L x 125W x 125H cm.
LEG CURL: 76L x 46W x 49H in.  |  194L x 117W x 125H cm.




Middle  |  2  End (Shortened)  |  3  Beginning (Lengthened)
4  Middle + End  |  5  Beginning + Middle

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