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Prime RO-T8 4-in-1 Handle

Prime RO-T8 4-in-1 Handle

• 4 Grip Positions
• Full Pronation
• Semi-Pronated
• Neutral Grip
• Semi-Supinated Grip

20” Width
• Accommodated biomechanics for isolating the lats.
• Fits normal to large individuals for multiple variations of lat and upper back training.
• Better alignment to keep tension on the desired muscles.
• Reduced strain on the wrist, elbows, and upper back.
• Increased exercise versatility.

More natural handle angle
• Increases grip strength for greater loads and better contractions.
• Less grip fatigue.
• Takes tension off wrist.
• Decreases elbow flare during lat exercises.

Full Pronation
Adds the option to:
• Execute wide grip style pulldowns.
• Execute pull-apart style rows.
• Increase recruitment of rhomboids and upper back.

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