Titan NEMESIS™ Compact Functional Trainer

Titan NEMESIS™ Compact Functional Trainer

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The NEMESIS™ Compact Functional Trainer is a space-saving strength trainer designed to tone and train your entire body. This all-in-one training system is built from high-grade steel to help you power through your workouts and attain your fitness goals. With a 210-pound fully enclosed weight stack, you can perform pulldowns, flies, squats, lunges, twists, and more with ease. It comes with a Short Bar, Waist Strap, Dual Stirrup Handles, and an Ankle Strap so you can move from one exercise to the next quickly and maximize your workout. This compact trainer is the cornerstone for every home gym enthusiast and will allow you to discover your true potential.

NOTE: Requires two experienced assemblers. Allow for extra-long assembly time, or multiple sessions. Please review Assembly Manual prior to purchase.

210 LB WEIGHT STACK: Single Column fully enclosed weight stack system comes in 10-pound increments with solid guide rods and center drilled weight plates. The NEMESIS has a 4:1 ratio resistance factor, meaning you feel a functional resistance weight of half that of the selected weight.

ADJUSTABLE PULLY SYSTEM:Smooth, adjustable high/low pulley system transitions to more than 22 vertical height positions and locks into place using a pip-pin locking mechanism. They are spaced from 26 to 68-inches in 2-inch increments.

ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: Perform pull-downs and low rows or add horizontal force to your lunges, squats, and step-ups with the Short Bar, Waist Strap, Dual Stirrup Handles, and Ankle Strap.

ASSEMBLY HARDWARE: This compact, space-efficient trainer features red anodized aluminum pulleys, red anodized aluminum knobs, and all the assembly hardware required. Please take note that Titan recommends working as a team to put together the Functional Trainer.

- Compact, space-efficient trainer great for smaller spaces
- 210 LB fully enclosed weight stack in 10 LB increments
- Quick-adjust pull-pins for over 1,000 positions
- 22 vertical height positions from 26 to 68-inches in 2-inch increments
- 7 arm angle positions with a 160-degree range of adjustments
- Highest pulley position at 78-inches | Lowest pulley position at 16-inches
- 4:1 Split Weight Cabling for increased cable travel
- Footrests to stabilize when performing seated and standing exercises
- Includes a Short Bar, Waist Strap, Dual Stirrup Handles, and an Ankle Strap
- Six hooks for accessories
- Rubber feet to protect the flooring

- Overall Height: 82-in.
- Overall Width: 59-in.
- Overall Depth: 54-in.
- Short Bar Dimensions: 15 3/8-in x 31 mm
- Waist Strap Dimensions: 36.5-in x 5.5-in.
- Stirrup Handle Diameter:
- Ankle Strap Dimensions: 14-in x 4-in.
- Pulley Ratio: 4:1
- Finish: Powder-Coated Black/Red
- Material: Steel/Aluminum
- Starting Resistance: 10 lb.
- Full Weight Stack: 200 lb.
- Product Weight: 510 lb.