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American Barbell Competition Kettlebells

American Barbell Competition Kettlebells

 We are delighted to introduce the new range of urethane competition kettlebells. We are confident that these are the highest quality kettlebells on the market. They will put a stop to paint chips and drastically reduce blemishes. Made from the highest quality German urethane, these kettlebells are built to last. They are perfect for all of your kettlebell exercises, from swings to Turkish getups.

The urethane covering of our kettlebells provides you with an extremely strong, odor-free, and scratch-resistant finish to your kettlebell that looks great. The American Barbell logo is featured in the middle of the bell in a striking red, black and white, along with the weight displayed in Kgs.

The handle size of these kettlebells is 32mm.

Competition kettlebells are larger than standard kettlebells and have a smaller and squarer handle than regular kettlebells. Every competition kettlebell is the same size, regardless of the weight. Competition kettlebells are ideal for high rep work. However, the smaller handles make them less suitable for double-handed exercises.

  • Urethane covering
  • American Barbell logo
  • 32mm handle diameter
  • Odor and scratch-free
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