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American Barbell Competition Steel Kettlebells

American Barbell Competition Steel Kettlebells

American Barbell’s Competition Steel kettlebells are a perfect choice whether you’re trying to increase your stamina, power, and strength with many various kettlebell exercises such as snatches, jerks, rows, squats, swings, and many more.


● Color-coded - Each kettlebell weight is precisely color-coded to prevent confusion during your workout sessions.

● Durable - American Barbell’s competition steel kettlebells are entirely made out of steel to ensure you a lifetime of usability.

● Improved strength and stamina - Increase your endurance and strength while using our steel kettlebells and perform various training exercises that can help you reach your goals.

● Weight availability – We offer a wide range of selection from 4KG – 40KG

Competition kettlebells are larger than standard kettlebells and have a smaller and squarer handle than regular kettlebells. Every competition kettlebell is the same size, regardless of the weight. Competition kettlebells are ideal for high rep work. However, the smaller handles make them less suitable for double-handed exercises.

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