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American Barbell Heavy Duty Ballistic Material Wall Ball

American Barbell Heavy Duty Ballistic Material Wall Ball

American Barbell's Ballistic Wall Ball is designed to handle your toughest training with ease. Made from abrasion resistant polyester laminate, these balls can handle a beating. As a result, they efficiently hold their shape after repeated dropping and throwing while allowing little to no bounce. These balls provide an amazing textured grip and allow control  once you've worked up a sweat.

A variety of exercises can be performed with the Balistic Wall Ball 2.0, including overhead throws, weighted Russian twists, and various other plyometric movements. Add our versatile Ballistic Wall Ball 2.0 to your arsenal of gym equipment and put them to the ultimate test!

  • Reinforced Stitching for highest quality seams
  • Composite Polyester Laminate construction
  • Remains balanced, even after years of impact on walls and targets
  • Available from 4LBS to 30LBS
  • Ball Diameter: 14" inches / 112 cm
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