American Barbell Hex Bar (Dual Height)

American Barbell Hex Bar (Dual Height)

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The Dual Height Hex Bar is a versatile beast and worthy addition to any training center. Ideal for athletes looking to increase leg, hip and back strength while minimizing pressure to the lower back. This is a great tool for rehabilitation and/or increasing 1RM on the deadlift. It is also great for shrugs and squats, is fully rackable and can be used right-side-up or upside down.

*You will need collars that will fit specialty bars such as the Proloc Collars, Hi-Temp Collars, or the OSO collars with plugs.

Overall Length: 85”
Distance between Handles: 25"
Loadable Sleeve Length: 16.625”
Sleeve Diameter: 1.910

Purchase Axle Collars for your specialty bars here