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American Barbell Rotating Solid Pressdown V-Bar

American Barbell Rotating Solid Pressdown V-Bar

The Rotating Solid Pressdown V-Bar is a precision designed cable pulley attachment for use with a range of bicep and triceps movements. The multi-axis revolving swivel allows your wrists to move naturally to produce a superior biomechanical movement. This not only reduces wrist strain but it also places maximum training effect on the target muscle group.

The solid chrome steel construction of this V-Bar provides the durability that you demand in a heavy-duty commercial gym environment. Precision knurling ensures that your grip is secure and comfortable. The bar angle is designed to maximally stimulate the triceps on pushdowns and when flipped, the biceps when performing cable curls. 

This press down v-bar is perfectly balanced to provide a smooth exercise execution. The swivel feature allows you to get that extra twist at the bottom of the pushdown movement and the top of the curl action, to fully engage the working muscle.

  • Solid steel with hard chrome finish
  • Multi-axis revolving swivel design
  • Precision knurling
  • Ergonomically ideal bar angle
  • Grip Diameter: 25.5mm [1.00”]
  • Weight: 5 LBS
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