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American Barbell Versa Loop

American Barbell Versa Loop

Whether you’re an experienced athlete or have just begun fitness training, Versa loops will help you improve your workouts.

Versa Loops are perfect for home gyms, fitness clubs, or even personal training which is ideal due to its comfortability and the enhancement it can offer.

The days of tying a knot in a piece of a band are gone, which makes resistance training easier than ever.

You can use Versa loops for a variety of strength training and toning exercises. It can fit comfortably around your upper and lower legs which will grant you to work the hip and leg muscles. You can even use them around your arms for a simple, yet effective chest pump.

Full Set Comes with 6 pieces.
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Black*

*Black (X-Heavy) is exclusive to the set only and is no longer sold individually.* 


● Space-saving and cost-effective
● Suitable for all resistance exercises
● Optimal body exercise tool
● Target legs, core, arms, and back training easily
● Flexible for all levels of exerciser
● Resistance training for football, basketball, soccer, baseball, and all other exercises that can enhance your agility, stamina, and speed.
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