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Apollo Macebell

Apollo Macebell

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Apollo Athletic's high quality M-Bell series of Mace Bells are one of the most effective ways to train and condition your whole body while mimicking day to day funtional movement. M-Bells are comprised of a single piece of welded steel and coated with a chip-resistant black gloss finish, and since it is made of solid steel, it is virtually indestructible. Completely spherical head is evenly weighted. Knurled safety grip extends 9.75" from base of handle and 9.75" from middle of handle towards head.

The macebell is swung behind the back, around the head, and overhead in several different ways to strengthen and tax the entire upper body, build grip strength, and develop upper body endurance. Because of the uneven weight distribution and lack of counterbalance, the exerciser must apply force when twisting, pushing and pulling against gravity, therefore both using momentum AND fighting against it at the same time for a comprehensive strength training workout using power muscle groups as well as smaller muscle stabilizers combined. Simulate combat movements and other real world movements to develop speed, rotational power, muscular endurance, grip strength, increased lung capacity, dexterity and control. In short, the M-bell is one of the most effective ways to build core and rotational strength.

* Properties:
ItemID Weight Overall Length Head Diameter Handle Length Handle Diameter
M-BELL-10 10 LB 40.3" 3.5" 37" 1.63"
M-BELL-15 15 LB 41.2" 4.3" 37" 1.63"
M-BELL-20 20 LB 41.75" 4.7" 37" 1.63"