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Arsenal Strength Reloaded Multi Flex

Arsenal Strength Reloaded Multi Flex

The Arsenal Strength Reloaded Multi-Flex is designed to allow plate loaded training for all the major muscle groups.  The Reloaded Multi-Flex features multiple handle options, adjustable range limiters, fold away split squat roller pads and free floating movement arms.  All these features allow the user to have a full body training session with over 30 exercise variations. Made in the USA.


  • Multi Directional Movement Arms
  • Foldaway 32mm Knurled Handles
  • Foldaway Split Squat Roller Pads
  • Top Mounted Rotating Handles
  • Adjustable Height Range Limiters
  • 4-Olympic Weight Storage Horns
  • Over 30+ exercise variations


  • Approx Weight: 305 lb
  • Width: 70″ (Shipping Width: 48″), Height: 29.25″, Length: 65.5″

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