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Bare Steel 10mm Short Stack Weight Pin

Bare Steel 10mm Short Stack Weight Pin

Every machine is different, and every design is different. Some machines have a post or frame too close that the Stacked Weight Pin is too large to fit into. Enter the Short Stack Weight Pin. This is a miniature based on the classic patent pending design. This pin is designed to fit those smaller spaces either in between the machine and weight stack or post. It's the perfect fit for those machines that you can add weight, but the original Stacked Weight Pin is too large.

The Stacked Weight Pin is a patent pending pin that allows you to add additional Olympic weight plates to any selectorized machine. The 10mm pin is a full 9", 7" or 6.65" steel pin surrounded by another 2" of steel for a super strong, sturdy hold for additional plates. Magnets at the base of the pin provide 21 pounds of pull to keep the pin attached to the weight stack. The stacked weight pin is unique in that it is a 2-in-1 pin. With a weight of 2.5lbs, it automatically acts as an adder weight when you are in between the traditional 10lb stacks. Gone are the days of lost adder weights at the gym sticking plates to the side in awkward ways. You are sure to increase your own training and continue to challenge yourself with the Stacked Weight Pin.

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