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BC Strength Foot Strap

BC Strength Foot Strap

The BC Strength Foot Strap is designed to be attached to a cable or long resistance band and allows the user to perform a range of kickback and abduction exercises, such as:

  • Leaning swoop kickbacks
  • Standing hinge kickbacks
  • Kneeling kickbacks
  • Bench supported kickbacks
  • Standing diagonal kickbacks
  • Standing abduction
  • Quadruped abduction

Typically foot straps are better for accommodating larger shoe sizes, but the incredible team at BC Strength has taken care to design a product that is comfortable for users with both smaller and larger shoe sizes while still performing well. The BC Strength Foot Strap features an easy on/off design without the need for additional fastenings. 

Please note that the Foot Strap does not come with a carabiner. 

  • Made from long lasting nylon
  • Double steel D ring design allows for effective positioning during exercises
  • Recommended for use up to 200lbs
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