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BC Strength Sponge Pro

BC Strength Sponge Pro

The BC Strength Sponge Pro is primarily used at Glute Lab for barbell hip thrusts and glute bridges, along with their variations. It can be used any time cushioning against a barbell is required.

The BC Strength Sponge Pro is designed to provide far greater cushioning versus the regular BC Strength Sponge. This makes it particularly well suited when using heavier loads or for those individuals who typically find hip thrusts (and similar exercises) uncomfortable.

Please note that the BC Strength Sponge Pro is not designed to be used with the Thruster Bar Lite.

  • Made from a super dense molded foam
  • Measures 17 inches long, with a diameter of 4 inches and 1.5 inches thick
  • Designed to fit any type of barbell from 25mm to 32mm (does not work with the Thruster Bar Lite)
  • Includes a heavy duty PVC cover with high strength velcro, to keep the sponge firmly attached to your bar
  • Designed without a cut-out to enable greater comfort during hip thrust movements
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