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BodyKore Squat Box

BodyKore Squat Box

The BodyKore Squat Box is the ideal go anywhere training equipment that is safe for users of all ages and abilities.  The Squat Box attaches to a cable system or a resistance band and allows the users to perform exercises such as belt squats, Romanian deadlifts, bent over rows, single arm rows, curls, overhead press, tricep extensions and a variety of other exercises. 

The BodyKore Squat Box is a platform made of metal with a rotating pulley underneath that latches a belt or attachment to a stack weight cable system or resistance band.  It is perfect for users on the go or within a home or gym environment. 


    • Platform with anti-slip footing 
    • Heavy sheet metal construction for durability
    • Custom designed belt with detaching latch release
    • Rubber Footing to prevent slipping
    • Commercial grade pulley for smoothness
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