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Bulletproof Fitness ISOLATOR

Bulletproof Fitness ISOLATOR

The ISOLATOR. The most cost-effective and space-saving solution to do all of those isolated exercises you wish you could do at your limited equipment gym! This is the most simple design we’ll be dropping, but we feel it will be one of the favorites! That piece likely made many of you seeing it say, “Why didn’t anyone create this earlier?!” Not a complex unit, but one that makes so much sense.

  • Fits on 3x3, 2x3, and 2x2 rig posts.
  • Pin sizes are 5/8", 1/2”, 3/4”, 11/16" and 1".
  • Hole spacing does not affect setup.

This includes the carriage that attaches to the rig post, the weight holder, attachments listed below, and 2 pins that fit 5/8" holes. 1" pins available in lieu of 5/8" when requested. 

  • Preacher pad/seat
  • Short leg pad
  • Long leg pad
  • Curl arm attachment
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