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Titan Deadlift Platform

Titan Deadlift Platform

The Deadlift Platform Frame offers a designated spot for the highest-level performance in reaching a new deadlift or snatch weight PR. Built as an 8' x 4' bolt-together 2" x 2" 11-gauge steel structure that gives a competitive feel that will protect your weight plates, floor, and dampens the sound of your lifting. The platform comes with long band pegs to increase vertical jump, bar speed, athleticism and a set of floor clips to secure the platform to the ground, primarily if you use the band pegs. This Platform Frame is the perfect equipment for strength training and is available in three options when ordering: Frame Only, Frame with 4 Rubber Tiles (Half Platform), and Frame with 8 Rubber Tiles (Full Platform).

- 8' x 4' bolt-together steel frame
- Reduces noise from dropping a loaded barbell
- Includes band pegs for added resistance to your deadlift
- Includes floor clips to secure the Deadlift Frame to the floor
- Floor plates run horizontally, so tiles fit flush with the frame

Half Platform:

- For athletes who want to add plywood in the center or custom logo's for a custom look
- Includes 4 Rubber Tiles and platform frame

Full Platform:

-Includes 8 Rubber Tiles and Platform Frame

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