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Hammy Band

Hammy Band

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Whether sprinting, powerlifting or playing a team sport the Hammy Band offers ideal compression, allowing athletes to work through and around minor lower pulls or tears. Placed high on the thigh, the Hammy Band holds the muscle in place, increasing stability and function. The Hammy Band is a must for any strength or explosive athlete.

  • Level 1 elastic provides targeted lower body compression
  • Localized compression focused on specific areas to minimize pain
  • Supports and minimizes pain and discomfort associated with quad and hamstring pulls

Size Thigh Measurement (IN)
14" 15.25 - 17 in
16" 17.25 - 19.25 in
18" 19.5 - 22 in
20" 22.25 - 25 in
*Measure around the area in pain.