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Titan HyperExtension Machine

Titan HyperExtension Machine

Ready to get ripped? If you’re looking to cut fat and build muscle, use the Titan H-PND. This amazing piece of gym equipment can help you tone and tighten your body. Target your lower back, glutes, legs, hamstrings, and calves. With the H-PND, you can practice cross-training, strength training, and weight lifting. It’s great for hyperextensions, which tone your glutes and hamstrings. Hyperextensions can also help increase the flexibility of your hips. Furthermore, you can use the machine to do pull-throughs and single-arm rows. This machine is constructed from an all-steel frame, which contributes to the machine’s durability, allowing you to use this piece of equipment for years to come.

At the bottom of the machine, you’ll find rubber feet which prevent the machine from slipping or sliding while you’re using it. The feet also help reduce scuffs and scratches on your floor. This machine weighs approximately 250 lbs, it has an overall height of 44.5-in, and a footprint of 52.25-in x 41-in. The loadable sleeve has a length of 10-in; the sleeve’s diameter is 2-in. The steps measure at 3-in x 3-in. The tubing is made from 11-gauge steel. The handles of the machine measure at 6-in. This H-PND is easy to install — you’ll receive all the hardware you’ll need to set up your machine. You’ll also get 2 spring collars and a strap. Included is also a cross brace, so you can increase the difficulty if needed. Add this machine to your home gym today!

GREAT FOR STRENGTH TRAINING: To improve your physique, you’ll need to introduce new exercises into your fitness regime. With the Titan H-PND, you can perform a variety of workouts that will help you overcome your plateau.

BUILD MUSCLE: Tighten and tone your muscles with the Titan H-PND. This machine allows you to target your lower back, glutes, legs, hamstrings, and calves, helping you to develop a lean, muscular build. Use the machine for cross-training, strength training, and weight lifting. In no time, you’ll achieve the body you’ve always dreamed of.

STURDY STEEL CONSTRUCTION: This H-PND has a heavy-duty, high-quality steel frame. The bottom of the H-PND has rubber feet on each corner to keep it from slipping and sliding during use. The rubber feet also help prevent scuffs on your floor.

DIMENSIONS: The Titan H-PND has an overall height of 44.5-in. It has a footprint of 52.25-in x 41-in. The loadable sleeve has a diameter of 2-in and a length of 10-in. The steps measure at 3-in x 3-in and the 11-gauge steel tubing measures at 8-in long. This machine weighs about 250 lbs. Finally, the handles measure 6-in and adjust to 8 different positions in 2-in increments.

EASY ASSEMBLY: Setting up your H-PND is incredibly simple. It comes with all the essential hardware for easy bolt-together installation. With your purchase, you’ll get 2 spring collars and a strap. The H-PND also includes a cross brace that allows athletes to increase the difficulty of their workout by easily adding resistance bands.

- Overall Weight: 250 lbs.
- Overall Height: 44.5-in
- Footprint: 52.25-in x 41-in
- Sleeve Diameter: 2-in
- Loadable Sleeve Length: 10-in
- Step Dimensions: 3-in x 3-in Tubing, 8-in Long.
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