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Kensui 360 Grips

Kensui 360 Grips

Prevent Injuries and increase mind-muscle connection on pulling movements and increase stability on pushing movements.

360°GRIPS™ formally known as the SWVL is an ultra-portable pair of rotatable handles that can be attached:

  • ✅ pull-up bars
  • ✅ barbells
  • ✅ resistance bands
  • ✅ cables
  • ✅ machines
  • Can be used for pullups, barbell rows, seal rows, lat pulldowns, inverted rows, deadlifts, shrugs, pushups, front squats, banded presses, banded curls and more!

Please note TFUSA currently stocks only the PRO (Hard Nylon) version of the 360 Grips. Wooden option shown for reference photos only. 

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