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Massage Gun Holder

Massage Gun Holder

No more straining the very muscles you’re trying to massage!

Many athletes develop sore and painful muscles, the pain from which they try to relieve with a massage gun. The problem is that in order to get the most relief, you first need to be able to reach the muscles that are sore, and they need to be relaxed so you can get the most benefit from the massage.

Dr. Travis Fleming, a chiropractor, came to AbMat for help with this problem and the creators got to work making the solution—the Massage Gun Holder. Designed to be compatible with a Hyper Volt Massage Gun, the Massage Gun Holder will fit all percussion massage guns with a 2-inch diameter. The cutout opening on the holder enables you to power your massager on or off and even charge it without having to remove it from the holder.

Simply flip the latch upward on the receiving end of the holder, slide the massager into it, then flip the latch back down to lock it in place. The hooked shape of the holder enables you to easily put the massager on the muscles that need attention. By keeping your arms at your sides and letting the Massage Gun Holder do most of the work, you can maintain a neutral position and limit your muscle activation.

Suitable for athletes of all sizes, the Massage Gun Holder enables you to almost effortlessly reach difficult areas, including your scapulas, upper and lower back, and even your mid-thoracic.

With the Massage Gun Holder, you can easily target hard-to-reach muscles, get relief, and get back to doing what you love.


• Made in the USA 
• Steel Black Powder Coat 
• Massage Gun not included
• Not affiliated with Hyper Ice

Inventor: Travis Fleming, AbMat Team

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