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Medium Gym Timer With Remote

Medium Gym Timer With Remote

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This medium single sided gym timer is a must-have for any gym, trainer, or athletic facility. The clock features a 4-inch high LED display, remote control access, and over 10-pre-set and programmable settings. Program your own interval workouts or pick from the pre-loaded functions. The LED display is easily readable from a distance and the included remote allows coaches, trainers, or athletes to pause, start, or adjust their workout from their work station.

- Clock: 12 or 24 hour format (HH:MM)
- Stopwatch: MM:SS:ss (1/10s)(1/100s) format – from 00:00:00 up to 99:59:99
- Countdown/up: MM:SS – from 00:00 up to 99:59
- Programmable Interval Timer: Training, Rest, Cycle
- TABATA mode: 20s Work, 10s Rest, 8 Rounds
- FGB1/FGB2 mode: 5 min Work, 1 min Rest, 5 or 3 Rounds

- Digital clock displays with 4-inch high red/green numbers
- Remote control for convenient programming (AAA batteries not included)
- Save up to 10 custom programs at one time
- Input: AC100-240V / Output: 12V
- In depth programming instructions and remote included
- Power cord included for your convenience
- Wall mounting brackets and hardware included

- Overall Height: 6.5-in.
- Overall Length: 28.5-in.
- Overall Width: 2-in.
- Cord Length: 19 Ft 6-in.
- Number Height: 4-in.
- Color: Black
- LED Color: Green/Red
- Product Weight: 7 lb.

*Not compatible with Tripod Timer Stand.