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Meister 50lb Elite Fitness Sandbag w/ Removable Kettlebells

Meister 50lb Elite Fitness Sandbag w/ Removable Kettlebells

The newest innovation from Meister - the Elite Sandbag is the complete package for your next workout. From full-body 50lb exercises using the Elite Sandbag to 10lb, 15lb & 20lb freeweight exercises using the included portable kettlebells, your workout possibilities are endless.

Unlike any other weighted bag on the market, the Meister Elite Sandbag features a thick inner core to maintain shape while adding cushioning for squats and carries. No more saggy bag! Eight handles are strategically positioned on the bag to allow almost any exercise and hand configuration including curls, presses, squats, lunges, rows, and more! Ideal for boot camps, home workouts and group classes, the Meister Elite Sandbag can be used for almost any circuit exercise.

Inside the outer shell are three Portable Sand Kettlebells which provide the weight for the bag. These 10lb, 15lb and 20lb kettlebells come empty and weigh just 7oz - ideal for traveling. With an inner Sand Fill Line and printed instructions on the bag, filling and sealing them is fast and easy. Heavy duty YKK zipper allows you to quickly and easily load/unload the bag.

The inner Sand Kettlebells feature a semi-rigid handle construction and soft neoprene grip, making them both comfortable and functional for almost any freeweight workout.

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