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Pro Sled System
Pro Sled System
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Pro Sled System

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The Pro Sled System can be used on different types of terrain and hard surfaces, including grass, turf, concrete, and asphalt. This sled weighs about 111 lbs. It has a footprint of 24-in x 40-in and a skid width of 3-in. It’s constructed from 11 GA steel that measures 2-in x 3-in with a plate of 1/4-in. Sled comes with 2 poles that have a diameter of 1.9-in. The plate’s tube height is 20” and the push pole height is 39 1/2-in. It can accommodate 2-inch Olympic plates (steel or bumper) with plenty of clearance. Add this sled to your workout gear today!

- Multi-function system translates to multiple workouts/exercises with one sled.
- Works as a push, pull, or drag sled with the ability to offer much more! 
- UHMW plastic ski liners protect your sled
- Can be used on grass, turf, concrete, or asphalt. 
- Two 1.9-in diameter poles included
- Fits 2-in Olympic plates (bumper or steel plates) with plenty of clearance.

- Weight: 111 lbs.
- Footprint: 24-in x 40-in
- Skid width: 3-in
- Steel: 2-in x 3-in 11 gauge and 1/4-in plate steel
- Plate tube height: 20-in
- Push Pole Height: 39 1/2-in
- Weight Capacity: 750 lbs.