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The Pso-Neck™ melts away tension in those hard to reach upper back and neck muscles. Multiple nodes, designed to be the therapists' thumb's hardness, penetrate the exact areas where trigger points develop from the poor posture we exhibit while sitting at a computer all day. The gentle curve of the Pso-Neck™ props the cervical region of the spine up to provide traction and create space between vertebrae. The Pso-Neck™ offers instant relief from long plane rides or a hard day in the gym.

Studies have linked tight neck muscles as being a contributor to back pain. Regular use of the Pso-Neck™ pulls the head away from the neck, keeping the neck and shoulder muscles loose. It also provides decompression and the correct anatomical position for the neck vertebrae and skull, thereby protecting the lower back from excess load and trauma.

The Pso-Neck™ will also relieve tension and stress in the head, neck, and shoulders related to headaches, migraines, TMJ, sinus pressure, vertigo, blurred vision, and clicks in the neck.

Save yourself thousands in healthcare costs, time traveling to appointments, and save your gut flora from harsh pain medication for headaches by using the Pso-Neck™ daily. It's even small enough to pack in your carry-on!


Made in the USA

Patented | D823,479


L= 8"  W= 5.7"  H= 3.25" 


lbs = 0.60 oz = 9.6 

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