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REP Fitness Black Diamond Power Bar

REP Fitness Black Diamond Power Bar

The Black Diamond Power Bar is REP’s top-tier powerlifting barbell. This 20kg (44.1lb) barbell features aggressive-depth, volcano-pattern knurling for those heavy deadlifts and center knurling to keep the barbell in place during back squats. The Black Diamond has IPF-standard knurl markings to help you get into the proper position for your lifts, and it features smooth sleeves for easy loading and unloading of the plates.

This power bar has a stiff 29mm diameter, which complies with International Powerlifting Federation standards. Bronze bushings allow for consistent rotation while ensuring incredible strength and stiffness to withstand heavy loads. In fact, this bar can handle up to 1,500lbs. The Black Diamond comes in three options: fully stainless steel; a stainless-steel shaft with hard chrome-chrome sleeves; or a black, blue, green, or red Cerakote shaft with Duracoat® sleeves. Duracoat® is a chemical process that hardens the outside of the steel, making it more wear resistant than other finishes while also adding a high degree of corrosion resistance. The bar is topped off with premium metal endcaps with unique designs. This is a powerlifting barbell that stands out from the rest. For a powerlifting bar with an even more aggressive knurling, check out the Double Black Diamond version of this barbell.

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