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REP Fitness Freestanding Landmine

REP Fitness Freestanding Landmine

Perform shoulder, core, and leg exercises with the Free Standing Landmine. Easily slide any standard barbell with 2” diameter sleeves into the landmine’s tube, load up the other end with weight, and lift. This landmine also has a smaller 1.3” diameter sleeve. The landmine’s sleeve is on a swivel, so it can pivot to many different angles. The landmine is finished with a stainless-steel REP logo plate. It weighs 33lbs and has a matte black powder coat.

The Free Standing Landmine doesn’t need to attach to a power rack or be bolted down to the ground (although you can bolt it, if you want). Place the landmine against a wall, and it will sturdy enough, thanks to its thick, 00-gauge steel base plate and heavy-duty weight horn that helps weigh it down. Add a plate to the weight horn for added stability. The Free Standing Landmine is incredibly versatile and can be used for various rows, presses, squats, single-leg Romanian deadlifts, wood chops, side bends, Russian twists, overhead sit-ups, and more.

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