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REP Fitness ISO Arms

REP Fitness ISO Arms

Add more exercise options to your power rack without taking up more floor space with the ISO Arms attachment. These plate-loaded arms replicate the moveable handle found on other gym machines. Simply attach the arms to the outside of a compatible REP rack, and adjust the handle up, down, or in another orientation for a wide range of dynamic exercises. The bearing design allows the arms to travel through a full 180-degree arc. Or lock the arms in place for static moves, like dips and pull-ups.  

The ISO Arms can be used independently for unilateral movements or together. The arms are heavy-duty, made with a four-way hole pattern so you have a completely modular arm that’s easy to slide up, down, and in different directions, or add J-cups for more versatility. The eyebolt allows lifters to easily connect a belt squat attachment. The knurled handles are adjustable, or you can take them off entirely. When you’re done using the ISO Arms, lock them upright and out of the way to save space.

  • Attachment Weight
    4000 Series: 66.2lbs
  • Attachment Length
  • Attachment Width
    30.87" Including Weight Horn & Handle
  • Hole Size
    4000 Series: 5/8" 
  • Weight Horn Diameter
  • Weight Horn Length
  • Material
    3x3" 11-Gauge Steel


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