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REP Fitness QuickDraw Adjustable Dumbbells

REP Fitness QuickDraw Adjustable Dumbbells

Save space, money, and time with a pair of QuickDraw™ Adjustable Dumbbells. These premium dumbbells allow for multiple weight options out of a single dumbbell, saving a ton of space compared with a full set of standard dumbbells. It’s incredibly fast and easy to change weight; go from 5lbs to 60lbs in seconds with innovative switch technology. The Lock-N-Load steel switches are super secure – no complicated, delicate internal gearing that may have unknown durability and reliability. The switch is simple to understand and has been cycle-tested more than 100,000 times. Flip one switch at a time or multiple switches all at once for fast weight changes, or instantly increase weight by 10lbs with just two flips. Add 2.5lb micro-adjustment plates to each side for a 5lb increase or just one for 2.5lbs increase.

The QuickDraw™ Adjustable Dumbbells are extremely durable, with almost all-steel construction accented by strong, nylon composite. A nickel-plated steel handle provides maximum corrosion resistance. The dumbbells have been proven to be able to withstand not only flat but also angled drop tests. Two powder-coated, steel support rods add even more strength, but they’re positioned so they’re not in the way when you’re lifting. Handles are fully knurled with a volcano-style knurl pattern for extra grip without being too sharp. The dumbbells feature a pro-style shape with a flat bottom for stability and to prevent rolling.

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