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REP Fitness Stackable Soft Foam Plyo Boxes (Full Set)

REP Fitness Stackable Soft Foam Plyo Boxes (Full Set)

REP’s Stackable Soft Foam Plyo Boxes are both soft and stable. The ultra-dense foam protects your shins and joints because it absorbs impact. This foam also adds weight to the box, making it highly tip-resistant, even when you jump on the edges. These plyo boxes are durable and covered in protective, heavy-duty vinyl. Flip, drag or push the boxes around without worrying about damaging them.

Boxes come in five sizes, all with a 28x28” base: 4" (16lbs); 6" (24lbs); 12" (46lbs); 20" (75lbs); and 24" (85lbs). This allows for multiple exercise options at varying heights. Stack them securely with the heavy-duty 10" Velcro flaps on all four sides. The wide base leaves plenty of room to land while jumping. The size of each box is printed on two sides. Boxes feature cross-stitched handles with a contrasting white thread and a tuck-away zipper.

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