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Rogue Beam Fat bar

Rogue Beam Fat bar

In strength training, the need for variety isn’t limited to the range of exercises in your regimen—it applies to equipment, as well. This is why Rogue has created advanced “fat bar” options, designed to improve grip and forearm strength while adding a challenging new dimension to pulls and dead lifts for the seasoned weightlifter.

The Beam Fat Bar starts with the same 1.5” pipe as the Rogue Axle, with 14” inches of loadable space and weight capacities topping 550LB. The distinction comes in the Beam’s 38.5” fat grip area.

Fat bar training has become increasingly popular in recent years, but a fat grip shouldn’t be seen as a novelty item. Sturdiness and quality are still essential, and the American-made Beam Fat Bar deliver on both fronts. Get a grip!

The Rogue Beam Fat Bar

  • Square grip
  • Fat Grip is 3x3”
  • Bar Length: 80.5"
  • Bar Weight: 41LB

*Please note that the Beam is open box and final sale. Pricing has been adjusted to move these unique items quickly. 

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