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Rogue Fractional Plates

Rogue Fractional Plates

These plates are sold by the pair. 1 in the cart = 1 pair

Rogue’s newly redesigned LB Fractional Plates are sold in pairs with weight increments of 0.25LB (green), 0.50LB (yellow), 0.75LB (blue), and 1LB (red). Each plate features a 50.40MM collar opening and an exterior rubber coating for a firm, steady hold on any standard Olympic barbell. A quality matte finish and raised white lettering give the plates a bold look, with easy recognition from a distance.

For serious lifters, incremental loading with fractional plates and change plates can mean the difference between matching an old PR or setting a new one.

Fractional plates may be a tight fit on the barbell sleeve right out of the box. After a few uses, the rubber on the ID will wear a bit making it easier to slide on and off.


Weight & Size Increments:

  • 0.25LB (Green): Diameter: 120MM | Thickness: 0.35"
    (All Rubber)
  • 0.50LB (Yellow): Diameter: 120MM | Thickness: 0.45"
    (Steel w/ Rubber Coating)
  • 0.75LB (Blue): Diameter: 125MM | Thickness: 0.50"
    (Steel and Rubber Coating)
  • 1.0LB (Red): Diameter: 130MM | Thickness: 0.55"
    (Steel and Rubber Coating)


  • Sold in pairs
  • 50.40MM collar opening
  • Rubber coating for stability and durability
  • Matte finish
  • Raised lettering with Rogue logo featured above and below collar opening
  • Tolerance: +/- 10 grams
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