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Rogue Infinity Shrimp Trawler

Rogue Infinity Shrimp Trawler

The Rogue Shrimp Trawler was designed to increase an existing rig’s wingspan and versatility without adjusting its footprint. Easily mounting to a Rogue Infinity (2x3) or Monster Lite (3x3) upright, the Shrimp Trawler instantly creates an additional muscle-up / ring workout station without sacrificing a pullup bar spot.

Each 43” trawler is constructed from 2x3" 11-Gauge Steel at Rogue’s own manufacturing facility in Columbus, Ohio.


  • Length: 43"
  • Great for muscle ups, dips, ring pushups or rows
  • Compatible with Rogue Monster Lite / Infinity Rigs and Wall Mounts

Safety Warning:

  • Rig must be bolted to the ground for use of the Shrimp Trawler.
  • Trawlers must have a minimum of 10' to the next trawler.  This prevents athletes from colliding during muscleups. 
  • J-cups and any other objects must be removed from the Rig and the area around the Rig must be clear prior to use.

This item not compatible with Rogue’s Echo or Monster rigs.

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