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Rogue LT-1 50 Cal Trolley & Lever Arm Kit

Rogue LT-1 50 Cal Trolley & Lever Arm Kit

From the manufacturer:

The Rogue LT-1 Trolley™ and Lever Arm Kit gives athletes the ability to quickly reconfigure a Monster or Monster Lite* rig /rack for a wide range of movements, without the need of a wrench or other tools. We’ve put years of research and refinement into this design, looking to create an optimal mechanism that can attach to an existing 3x3” upright and enable easy north/south adjustments with lock-in stability.

The LT-1 can be set-up to perform everything from incline bench presses to rack pulls, shrugs, squats, deadlifts, bent-over rows, snatches, and lunges. The trolley portion of the standard LT-1 includes 3/8” mounting brackets, (4) acetal rollers, and (2) stainless steel knurled handles, configured in a unique “trigger” design inspired by the look of the Browning 50 Caliber Machine Gun used during World War II. Simply grasp the two handles and pull out the machined aluminum trigger to disengage the holes and set the trolley at the desired position on the upright. The trigger itself is spring loaded, so it snaps back into place at the selected height with the aid of a 1" machined pin.

The (2) Lever Arms are constructed from 3x3” 11-gauge steel and are available in two length options: 35” and 48”. Important: Only the 35” arms can be installed on the inside of a 43” depth rack. If the inside-depth of a rack is less than 43”, the LT-1 will need to installed on the exterior of the rack.

The provided (2) weight posts each offer 12” of loadable length, and the (2) adjustable 1.25” diameter handle attachments are locked into place using a set of included Monster Knurled Knobs (these knobs do NOT have a locking feature, and thus should be checked prior to each use—a knob could potentially be loosened more quickly under dynamic movements).

*Important Differences with the Monster Lite Version: The LT-1 for Monster Lite units features a Signature Textured Black Powdercoat finish on the trolley handles and loading pins, rather than stainless steel. The quick-attach handles also use 5/8” detent pins rather than Monster Knurled Knobs.

Please Note: Standard barbell collars will not fit the sleeves on the Trolley loading pin.


  • Made in the USA with US steel 
  • Patented Design
  • Compatible with Rogue Monster Series Racks and Rigs (Monster Lite option available separately)
  • Rack MUST be bolted to the ground before use of the Lever Arms
  • Trolley Attachment: (4) Acetal Rollers w/ Bronze Bushing at hinge point, MG Black finish
  • Trolley Handles: Knurled Stainless Steel, 1.125” diameter
  • 3x3" 11-Gauge Steel Lever Arms
  • Arm Length Options: 48" Standard / 35" Short
  • Handle Attachments: Textured Black, 1.25” diameter
  • Weight Post: Stainless Steel, 12” loadable length
  • 3/8" Thick Steel Mounting Brackets
  • 1" Detent Pin
  • Browning 50 Cal inspired trigger design
  • Product Weight: 71LB (single side) 142LB (total)

As a complete system, the LT-1 represents an entirely new level of efficiency, user control, and versatility for home gyms and large-scale facilities, alike.

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