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Rogue Monster Lite Pritchett Pad

Rogue Monster Lite Pritchett Pad

Designed in collaboration with Strongman Legend Jerry Pritchett, the Monster Lite Pritchett Pad gives athletes a novel and space-efficient way to do chest-supported rows. Unlike other chest-supported landmine row machines that take up a lot of room and come with expensive shipping costs, the Pritchett Pad is a small adjustable rack attachment that ships fully assembled. The pad height can be easily adjusted by simply sliding onto an existing Monster Lite upright, then securing it with the included detent pin.

The benefits of chest-supported rows include the alleviation of unnecessary strain on the vertebrae and shoulder joints, allowing for more reps and heavier weights to be lifted without the injury risk of unsupported rows. 

The Monster Lite Pritchett Pad is manufactured in the USA utilizing a 3x3” 11-gauge steel arm and a tapered pad design that allows for better freedom of movement. The arm is reinforced with two gussets, and UHMW plastic is included in the mounting channel to prevent metal-to-metal contact. Once locked in, the pad extends 33” out from the mounting upright.

Rogue designed the Monster Pritchett Pad with the Rogue Landmine Single or a similar rack-mounted landmine attachment in mind (sold separately). However, the pad can also be used with a post landmine or for dumbbell rows, barbell rows, and more.

Note: For athletes using a rack mounted Landmine + Handle, the offset design of the pad ensures that the barbell will be centered in the middle of the pad.

IMPORTANT: For your safety, the Monster Lite Pritchett Pad should only be installed on rigs or racks that are securely fastened to the floor.

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