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Rogue MRT

Rogue MRT

The Rogue MRT (Myofascial Rig Tool) is a 28.5” massage stick equipped with a unique rack-mount feature, enabling athletes to securely attach the roller to any Rogue Monster Lite or Infinity Series unit. With the option of using a rack upright as an anchor point, the user can maintain better leverage and successfully target muscles that are often difficult to reach with a typical two-handed grip on a standard mobility stick.

Devised by Rogue employee Andrew Miller, the patent-pending MRT can be quickly mounted to either the 2” or 3” depth of an upright, at any preferred height, using the included knurled knob. Each 32mm diameter roller includes durable TPE overmolded plastic in six grooved segments. These lightweight segments spin freely over the roller’s central shaft, ensuring the user’s comfort and promoting improved circulation.

The MRT’s universal swivel joint allows smooth omnidirectional movement and a wide variety of new mobility training capabilities. As an example, an athlete could massage their left trapezius muscle while keeping their left arm and shoulder relaxed; utilizing their right hand to provide the downward force on the roller. The rounded off point at the end of the MRT can also be used for more precision massaging.

When not in use, the joint design allows the MRT to hang down alongside the upright for space-efficient storage. Or, users can simply remove the roller from the rack and use it as a standard portable massage stick.

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