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Rogue TF-1

Rogue TF-1

Rogue’s TF-1 Tib Trainer is a specialized weight training tool designed for getting the most out of your toe raises / tib raises. Made in the USA from 11-gauge steel and SCH 40 pipe, the TF-1 includes a machined acetal loading pin that has the same 1.96" diameter as an Olympic barbell sleeve, allowing the use of any standard plates and collar during set-up (customers can also choose to add a compatible OSO Mighty Collar pair to their order via the purchase area). The Tib Trainer weighs 10.8 LBS on its own, and 11 LBS with an OSO Mighty Collar attached.

Weighted tib raises are highly effective for strengthening the tibialis anterior muscle, located along the front of the lower leg from the knee to the ankle. The simple movement can be performed by sitting on a bench pad / raised surface with the legs straight and extended and the feet and ankles hanging off the edge, so that the toes can alternately be raised toward and then lowered away from the athlete. This not only helps build up the tibialis itself, but can also positively impact the neighboring muscles, tendons and ligaments around the knees and ankles, improving range of motion and reducing the risk of recurrent knee soreness and shin splints. 

The TF-1 is designed to sit upright with the acetal sleeve angled upward for easy loading and unloading. A collar must be used to secure the plates for use. When ready to train, the athlete simply slides their feet between the two catch tubes–the top tube includes a closed-cell neoprene cover for optimal comfort.


Brand Rogue Fitness
Color Black
Made In USA Yes
Product Weight 10.8 lbs
Length 13.5"
Width 14.5"
Height 7"
Steel Notes 11 Gauge Steel & SCH 40 Pipe
Other Product Specs Black Acetal Loading Pin
Loadable Sleeve Length 7"
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