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Rogue Individual Pullup System

Rogue Individual Pullup System

The Rogue Individual Pull-up System (or IPS, as it's known around the Rogue Compound) allows pull-ups and other bodyweight gymnastics exercises to be performed anywhere you can get the straps over. Even in home gyms without suitable wall-mount options, a set of hooks in the ceiling joists can be used for hanging the straps. This makes the IPS a great portable pull-up bar option for virtually any training space.

The Individual PU Bar System includes the same pair of heavy-duty 1.5" wide / 16' nylon straps that come standard with the Rogue Rings. These straps create a secure hold while enabling easy setup and teardown in a matter of seconds.

The 43” pull-up bar itself is 1.25" in diameter and made from 14-gauge steel, with built-in stays for attaching the straps. Unlike traditional mounted pull-up bars, the strap-suspension design of the Individual Pull-Up System creates an unstable dynamic that requires greater core strength from the athlete to avoid swinging back and forth on the bar as they train.

To get optimal use out of the system, set the straps high for your pull-ups, then go with lower straps for dips, push-ups, etc. For added convenience, athletes can also swap out the bar with rings to create more of an all-in-one RPG (Rogue Portable Gymnastics) station.

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