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Spud Inc. The Gripazz (Pair)

Spud Inc. The Gripazz (Pair)

The Gripazz (Grrip-az!!!) are a new addition to the Spud Inc line. In the old days, besides deadlift straps, you would have gotten your head torn off by Spud for wearing such disgraceful implements but the times they a change and so do Spud’s attitudes towards things of this nature. If you are gonna wear them, they need be Spud quality and durability.

The Gripazz have a wider base for the hand with two layers of leather sewn tightly and the grip piece placement where the fingers curl around creating an easier to maintain pressure point with less finger effort. Obviously, no danger of callouses or ripping of said possible character building callouses. JK, do whatever it takes to get the work in! That is the only thing that matters! Enjoy the Gripazz!

Sold as a pair.

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