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The Solo Tib Bar - by The TIB Bar Guy

The Solo Tib Bar - by The TIB Bar Guy

Tested up to 100lbs

The Solo Tib Bar is a perfect solution for those wanting to start using a single-foot Tib Bar and doing Tibialis Raises, Hip Flexor Raises, Ankle Rotations, Hamstring Curls & way more!

Every Solo Tib Bar includes our patent pending dumbbell clamp to now allow for the use of a dumbbell instead of weight plates!

Using the Solo Tib Bar when training will help to strengthen the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in your lower body allowing yourself to build up strength and flexibility to help decrease the chance of injury.

Perfect for Knees Over Toes Training, Home & Commercial Gyms, Sports teams, Cross Fit, group training, athletes, physical therapists & more!

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