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THE TIB BAR GUY® Slant Stack (3 Risers and a Slant Board)

THE TIB BAR GUY® Slant Stack (3 Risers and a Slant Board)

The Slant Stack is a first-of-its-kind product that safely attaches the slant board on top of 2-inch interlocking stackable platforms. This feature allows you to focus on your training instead of concentrating on not slipping or falling off.

Use the built-in handles to stack or unstack them to your training needs easily! The Slant Stack includes 3 - 2 inch platforms and 1 Slant Board that are all interconnected to provide a seamless and secure exercise experience.

The Slant Stack is excellent for Patrick/Poliquin/Petersen Step ups, ATG Split Squats, VMO Squats, ATG Squats, Deficit Deadlift, Jefferson Curls/lengthening deadlifts, Calf raises, and many more exercises!

The Slant Stack is custom molded of incredibly strong plastic that can safely handle weights of up to 1200 lbs! The Slant Stack is ideal for home gym settings as it will stand the test of time!

By combining a slant board with stackable boxes, we can offer an incredibly compact, durable, & affordable package that's perfect for ATG Knees Over Toes Training and their Zero, Dense, and Standards program, Home & Commercial Gyms, athletes, physical therapists, universities, and more. (Patent Pending)

Elevate Your Training Today With The Slant Stack!

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