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The TIB Bar Guy Adjustable Slant Ramps

The TIB Bar Guy Adjustable Slant Ramps

No Tools Required

The Slant Ramps are the ultimate solution to take your training to the next level! (Sold in Pairs)

The Slant Ramps are fully adjustable squat wedges and are excellent for many types of exercises and ability levels, perfect for Split Squats, VMO Squats, Squats, Jefferson Curls/Lengthening Deadlifts, Calf raises, and many more exercises!

Designed to provide utmost stability, our Slant Ramps are made from commercial-grade steel with premium grip tape, to ensure long-lasting durability and performance.

Trainers, athletes, bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, home & commercial gyms, and anyone who wants to improve their leg strength, flexibility, and mobility, The Slant Ramps are for you!

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