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The TIB Bar Guy - The Grip Crush Set

The TIB Bar Guy - The Grip Crush Set

  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Construction
  • Foam Handle Covers For Added Comfort
  • 50-200 lbs Strength Level
  • Perfect For Home Gyms

Introducing The Grip Crush Set, the ultimate hand strengthening tools designed to enhance your grip strength and forearm muscles. Whether you're an athlete, fitness enthusiast, or just seeking to improve your everyday grip, these compact handheld crushers ranging from 50 to 200 lbs are perfect for your fitness journey.

Crafted from solid aluminum and include foam handle covers for added comfort, our grip crushers work for all fitness levels, from beginners to pros. Simply squeeze the ergonomically designed handles together, and feel the burn as your hand muscles work in tandem to conquer the resistance.

With regular use, you'll experience improved grip strength and enhanced endurance, empowering you to perform better in sports, weightlifting, and everyday activities.
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