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Titan Combo Rack

Titan Combo Rack

Build your body and bench like the best with competition standards, on the Competition Bench and Squat Rack Combo. It comes with a 17.5-inch-tall bench for unprecedented accuracy and rock-solid stability. This bench and squat rack combo are all you need to sculpt your body effectively. Removing the bench is as simple as unlocking the safety pin and effortlessly rolling it out – freeing up space to train your squats and perfect your technique. Both the squat and bench height J-Hooks are Rolling J-Hooks, allowing for improved bar-positioning and a more precise workout. This all-in-one combination fitness center will revolutionize your home or garage gym experience.

Customize your bench and squat movements with a fully adjustable Spotter Bar height, adjustable Bench Press J-Hook height, and adjustable Squat J-Hook height. The durable steel construction will last a lifetime, and the gorgeous powder-coated paint job will keep it looking fresh for years to come. Bench with a partner and make full use of the spotter deck footplate at the rear. Your workout partner can also use the spotter adjustment arms to adjust your J-Hook height on the fly, freeing up time and adding convenience to this comprehensive combo rack.

Adjustable Squat Height 49.5 - 61-in.
Adjustable Bench Press Height 33.5- 45.5-in.
Bench Seat Height 17.5-in.
Bench Length 4 FT
Spotter Footplate Height 8.75-in.
Spotter Arm Length 17-in.
Footprint Width 81-in.
Footprint Depth 59-in.
Finish Powder-Coated Black
Material 11-Ga Steel
Weight Capacity 1,000 lb.
Product Weight 225 lb.

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